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Bone Regeneration
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Bone Regeneration
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Bone Tissue Engineering
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CMD-Symposium 2019

13. CMD-Symposium
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bone-tec 2019
bone-tec 2019
November, 2019
Examples for Transplantation of Autogenous Bone

Clinical case I:
39-year-old patient, root canal treatment of tooth 27, two canals (both buccal) not to be sufficiently cleaned, shaped and filled, periapical ostitis

x-ray picture 27 preoperatively

  x-ray picture 27, situation postoperatively after resection of both buccal roots and filling of defect with autogenous bone

x-ray picture 27, control two years postoperatively, space after resection, bone healed


Clinical case II:
48-year-old patient, tooth 38 deeply destroyed, tooth 36 root canal incompletely filled, preparation-trauma is suspected in distal root, periapical ostitis, extraction of both teeth, insertion of two implants regio 36 and 37, filling of bone defects with autogenous bone

orthopantography, detail regio 36-38, preoperatively

  orthopantography, detail 36-38, postoperatively

orthopantography; detail 36-38,
3 months postoperatively, former defects well built up with bone
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